The quality of our dental treatments is of a Western European standard, however they are much cheaper. Good quality and short waiting times (as short as 1 week) are guaranteed our technological background and the use of the best materials. For prosthesis, we give a 3-year guarantee.

First consultation /free of charge/

  • Examination
  • Agreeing on a treatment plan
  • Quotation

Treatments are available by appointment!

Diagnostics with state of the art digital technologies

  • X-ray
  • RVG -digital computer technology -minimal radiation
  • OP  – panoramic examination, full view of the teeth and jaw
  • Intra-oral camera – enlarged image on PC monitor

Preventive treatments

  • Ultrasonic tartar removal
  • Teeth cleaning – width sodiumcarbonate  /prophyflex/
  • Teeth whitening – with plasma-light /l hour/
  • Gums treatment

Dental conservation treatments

  • Aesthetic fillings, inlays
  • Root canal treatment -by accurately measuring the length of the root canal


  • Ceramic and gold crowns, bridges
  • Removable full dentures, click in metal plates

Teeth implantation

  • Teeth implantation

Patient information:

Implants are artificial roots made of pure titanium. With their help, gaps between teeth can be closed: fixed prosthesis can be made, or in the case of total tooth loss, the stability of the denture can be increased.

Types of implant systems:

Classic two-phase implant:

After surgical exploration and bone implantation a 3-4 months’ rest period is needed. Then come the screwing of the superstructure protruding from the gum, and the preparation of the final replacement /2 part impl./

One-phase, immediately loadable implants:

The threaded body and the head part fixed into the bone are formed from one piece. The implantation procedure is performed fast without exploration, and with  a lower risk of postoperative complications. It can be loaded immediately with temporary replacement. After the medical examination of the mouth and a bone survey, the option most appropriate for the patient can be selected.

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